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Phantom ex machina: Digital disruption’s role in business model transformation

Today’s business ecosystem is highly competitive and this book will explore the pivotal role that technology plays in adding new dynamics to business operations and forcing business model changes. In particular, the operating environment in which businesses operate today is more dynamic than ever before and this dynamic nature is powered by technological advantage. It took the television over five decades to reach a critical mass and many Internet based companies are reaching this same critical mass within months largely.

The business barriers to entry are lessened and this is quickly eroding long established businesses and subsequently business models are faltering under the dynamic forces that new technically advanced businesses are using through creative approaches to using technology to force digital disruption. The strategic use of technology is creating a digital divide between those firms who understand how to use it effectively and those firms that have not realized that they are playing in a rapidly changing ecosystem. The intent of this book is to explore the factors that make digital disruption possible, the effects of digital disruption on existing business models, the industries that are most susceptible to disruption and what executives can do to take advantage of disruption to re-invent their business model.